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Introducing FENIX360

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One Amazing App For All Your Needs

Connecting artists and fans in a unique, revolutionary way

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Artists deserve to live off their art

Despite there being tens of millions of artists worldwide, only a small number of them make a decent living from their craft.


FENIX360 is designed to give independent artists a fair go in the music and other art industries by providing a platform that allows them to access new fans globally, while earning additional income doing so.

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For the artist

  • Have adequate income to live from, even with fans numbers in thousands

  • Monetise your fan base via advertising, livestreaming and marketplace features

  • Own and control your fans and your content

  • Build a customized unique app in minutes that allows fan to go effortlessly from video to your entire universe

  • Readily showcase any type of content from music and videos to photos to social media posts with highly efficient tools

  • Build your own marketplace for merchandise, tickets, collectibles, unique experiences and more

  • Manage all other social media from FENIX360


For the fan

  • Many more engaging activities than other platforms

  • Discover new amazing artists from ALL fields of art

  • Direct access to artist’s universe via custom artist app

  • Engage directly with artists, communicate, transact and donate to them

  • Access to exclusive content and experiences

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Concrete Facade


  • Platform to allow users to easily create their own app

  • Social media platform to provide a high percentage of revenue to artists

  • App to show artists EXACT location of fans

  • Social media app to allow geographically targeted notifications

  • Social media app to have as wide a range of powerful functions to enhance artist income & control 

  • App to use decentralized artist distribution


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